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Boho Dreams come true

Jan 08, 2019

We love this boho wedding trend because it is all about staying true to who you are and what is important to you! These are some of our favorite boho wedding looks and trends!


Sleeves have had a strong following for years and boho brides can embrace this trend in many different ways.

Left to Right

Lace applique on illusion sleeves give a hint of details.

Off the shoulder drop sleeves add to the relaxed comfortable atmosphere.

Dramatic trumpet sleeves showcase the whimsical bride.

Left to Right

Chiffon flutter sleeves provide coverage and allow movement.

Solid lace sleeves give the bride an elegant touch.

Slim bell sleeves provide movement and whimsy. 

Back Details

There is something magical about walking down the aisle knowing that your audience is going to be surprised to see the incridible back and you have the confidence to just keep walking and not turn to check out their response.

Left to Right

Dare to go bare! This open back is a show stopper!

Lace detailing keeps things interesting and balances to the front.

Illusion backs are intriguing to see the details float on the skin.

Unique Lace

Never before have so many different kinds of lace been available and boho brides can truly embrace what makes them stand out!

Left to Right

Strong geometric details provide a natural balance to details.

Circular details soften the design while providing interest.

Unique patterns pay homage to the wanderlust of the bohemian lifestyle.

Left to Right

Crochet lace balanced with clean bottoms highlight the intricate details.

Embroidery and metalic hints are light and airy giving flow to boho brides.

Bold patterns and darker underlays make a statement guests will not be able to forget.

Finishing touches

Unique finishing touches from head to toe help each bride embrace the details that truly make her wedding her own.

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