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Let's talk about lace!

Apr 20, 2020

Lace, Lace, Lace!

Most brides I work with think the hardest part of picking their wedding dress is finding something that they love! I disagree, I think the hardest part is when you have two or maybe even three favorites that you are one hundred percent in love with, and have to decide which dress you are going to marry the love of your life in! Honestly for me, and some of the brides that I consult, came down to the details of the dress, but especially to the lace. There are so many different kinds of lace; soft and romantic, bold and unique, beaded and eye-catching. Each kind of lace different in each setting. There are also so many ways you can wear lace and it will only add to the overall feel of your wedding to create those lasting memories of this day for you, your new spouse, and your guests!

This incredible bride loved how beautiful she felt in this dress, a lace that is so stunning but doesn't steal the show away from our pretty bride! The contrast on the sleeves only goes to accent the gorgeous flowers in the lace. Does that mean you have to have long sleeves to get that kind of contrast in the lace? Absolutely not!

This dress, while seemingly sheer through the bodice, actually has a nude lining to create that contrast and make the lace pop! This means you get the comfort of having a built in corset and bra, all without distracting or taking away from the lace. This style of lace has an easy feel to it, and with all the flowers and leaves looks absolutely stunning in an outdoor setting. Whether that  be in a more tropical location with big palms and open skies or something a little moodier with dark earth and mature trees surrounded by greenery.

These next brides chose dresses that have lace that is not only in the bodice but extends all throughout their wedding dresses! You'll notice again that both brides went with a non traditional  off tone underneath the ivory lace. Some brides have asked me if they still look like they are wearing a wedding dress, even in a different color, I could not give a more resounding yes! The natural color of the ivory lace gives the illusion of a white dress while still having that warmer  tone underneath to compliment the skin and hair color of our unique brides!

When it comes to having some extra sparkle on the dress, you don't have to decide between lace and beading, ladies this is 2020 and you can have it all! In this spectacular Allure Bridal dress there is a bold swirling lace studded with large crystals, pearls and frosted through the champagne colored skirt we have a sparkle tulle layer that shines in the light! It's this balance of traditional lace paired with the overall glow this dress has that creates the wow factor every bride is looking for as they march down the aisle. Their other half's eyes are unable to be torn away!

As a bride to be myself, I found myself drawn to an altogether different kind of lace, that still combines a vintage shape with a little extra sparkle, in a unique color that I hope will blow my groom away and stand out in the photos that we will keep forever!! I'll leave you with one last Margene's bride who chose a dress with trailing lace that is heart throbbingly gorgeous and it shines almost as bright as the sunset!

There is no wrong decision when it comes to finding a dress that is perfect for you and your big day. The options are limitless and all of our designers strive to make dresses that will take your breath away. We at Margene's Bridal can't wait  to help you find your dream dress. The kind of dress that you can picture as you take your first steps down the aisle, that first kiss under the arch, and will make you want to dance the night away in the arms of your true love!