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Planning your wedding at home, dress shopping edition

Apr 15, 2020

Six months ago the idea to stay at home and plan your perfect wedding with nothing else to do sounded like a dream come true. Now you can’t wait for the day to smell the flowers(with the florist), eat cake(with the baker), dance(with the DJ) and look at the venue in person(to make sure it doesn’t have a weird smell or gross bathrooms) and to try on a wedding dress in person!! 

To help you get ready for your appointment we have come up with 3 things you can do now to really make your appointment in the store AMAZING!!

#1 Prepare for your appointment by preshopping our website and let us in on the action!

We would love to get an insider look at what your wedding vision is. To make it easy we suggest creating a Pinterest Board specifically for your Margene’s Bridal appointment by creating a board just for us!

We would love to have you invite us to collaborate on the board so we can see what you are pinning!

All of the images on our website are pinable so be sure to check out our Real Brides Gallery as well for inspiration as well as our instagram(did you know you can pin pictures from Instagram to your board?) so that you can see the dresses in action! Some of our favorite dresses come from private collections so they don’t get photographed and can only be found in our real bride pictures!

#2 Talk budget and be realistic

We absolutely understand that if you are currently “non essential” that the only thing certain in your future is your love for your fiance! If you are “essential” thank you so much!  We have spent the last couple weeks at home too and seriously cannot wait to help you again. 

Prices in our store typically range from $800-2,000. Yes we have some over and under that range but this is where you will find the majority of our dresses.

We do have payment options and that may make your dream dress an easier reality but we need you to give us the realistic budget for what you can afford for your dream dress. We are going to help you find every option possible, this may mean buying a sample at a discount, taking advantage of our off the rack pricing or creative altering! We just ask that you be honest with us so we aren’t showing you options that aren’t really options to begin with!

#3 Pick your person

Reality television made the entourage shopping crew part of the bridal shopping experience. Social distancing isn’t going to allow this to continue for a while. So in the spirit of keeping things a little personal lets bring back the surprise dress where VERY limited people even know what your dress looks like! I know it sounds really hard but you know you better than anyone else and you will know when you found the one(you really don’t need 5 people telling you their favorites)! 

Our trained stylists are there to help you navigate which dresses are available, color options, customizations you can do and other logistics of shopping that you don’t need to worry about so that you and your person can focus on how you feel in the dress and how it fits in with your wedding vision. Keep the moment you say yes to your dress personal and intimate and bring with you the person you want to be there when you find the one, this can be your best friend, mom, grandma, whoever! 

We are so excited to help you and can’t wait to see you in store soon!