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When you get engaged and set the date your thoughts quickly turn to what kind of dress you want and today we quickly jump online and start looking for the perfect dress! It can be very overwhelming and confusing when you see multiple websites with differing information. Not all online shopping sites are created equal and we have our top 5 tips on how to tell if the site you are looking at is selling authentic dresses or cheap knockoffs!

1. The price is WAY different from site to site. Many companies set a MSRP for what retailers should charge for the dress. If you saw a site online that was charging $50 for a brand new iphone you would probably assume that it is too good to be true, the same goes for dresses. If you see it on one site for substantially cheaper than another but both use the same designer picture chances are one of the sites is NOT selling an authentic dress.

2. Shipping/Payment options are another big indicator that the site is not selling authentic dresses. DHL is an international shipping source. This means that it has to start in another country before it lands in the USA. If there are willing to accept payment in forms you have never heard of

3. The dress is available in WAY more colors/sizes than offered by the real designer. Most designers offer dresses in a handful of colors and a predetermined size range. This is to ensure that the color remains consistent from photo shoots and sizes are consistent. When the dress is offered in more colors on one site it is probably a knockoff.

Most wedding gown designers don't offer dresses in LIME GREEN!

4. You can get your lawnmower, toaster, and dress all on the same site! Most dress stores don’t sell electronics or baby clothing or the multitude of items sold on sites overseas.

5. The dress description does not indicate a designer or style number. If you are questioning who designed the dress a quick google image search can let you know. The best way to check the validity of the website is to check on the designer’s website and see if the site is listed.

So you are probably thinking isn’t everything made in China, what difference does it make if I buy it directly from China. Well the big difference comes in the quality of the fabrics chosen and the workmanship used in the dresses. Many designers have someone onsite that maintains the quality and consistantcy in fabrication and there are numerous checks in place to ensure each dress meets rigourous standards set forth by the designer. When you eliminate these checks quality suffers.

Do you remember the Discover credit card commercials with “Peggy” on the phone. Keep in mind who you are giving your personal information to and remember that international laws are different and legal recourse to get your money back from an overseas purchase is not easy.


For more information on how to be safe while shopping online for a wedding gown check out http://bridalbeware.com/