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Dear Moms,

What an exciting time for you and your daughter!  This is a time of change and a lot of decision making for her future.  I am guessing you want the best for her, and so do we.  Her wedding day is a time both of you should look back on, as her wonderful history day, a day that said everything that is good about her!  We are here to help.
We have found when brides and their mothers follow a few simple guidelines, the process of finding her perfect gown is easy and a lovely experience.  It is always fun to watch a daughter walk out the door, and turn to her mom after finding the gown she feels so wonderful in, and literally squeal (yes squeal) “thank you!!  I love it, I am so excited!”  That is why we do what we do, here at Margene’s Bridal.
First, what is your daughter’s style?  What is the theme for her wedding?  Does she like vintage and lace, boho or bohemian, classic and traditional, or does she love bling, being bedazzled and sparkle?  Be aware, once she starts to try wedding dresses on, that style may be confirmed, or she may not feel great in it.  If she doesn’t ‘feel it’; we may need to change directions.  And believe it or not, adjusting styles can be harder for moms than the bride!  We have always found it easiest to let the bride fall in love with whatever gown she wants.  Our job is to give her options and allow her to make her decision.  Because of our extensive collection a dresses in all sizes from 0 to plus size, it is easy to say yes or no to a gown.
When is the wedding?  Wedding gowns may take up to 6 months to order, so don’t think it is like shopping for a white t-shirt that you can find anywhere.  Margene’s stocks many wedding gowns which are available to purchase and take home that day.  This helps you as a mom, since time is not always on your side.  Most brides purchase on the first visit to our store, because we have it right now.  FYI, our inventory changes daily and hourly, so waiting may result in another bride purchasing your dress.  If this happens it is difficult and rare we can get another dress for a close wear date.  We also have a beautiful selection of special order gowns if the wedding is over 7 months away.
If you do research online, know what you are actually looking at.  As with all things in life, “If it is too good to be true, then it is too good to be true.”  Don’t put your ‘head in the sand’ with your daughter’s most important history day.  Sadly, we have seen mothers waste their money, leaving their daughters to wear sad and downright ugly dresses for their wedding, because they so badly wanted a good deal.  I don’t believe any mother wants her daughter to remember the wedding with regrets and animosity towards her mom, but it happens!
For those brides looking for a modest wedding gown, realize it is much easier to edit and customize a modest or sleeved dress, as opposed to a strapless gown that will need to be filled.  Margene’s talented seamstresses can change neckline, sleeve length, or fit on any of our beautiful wedding gowns.  If you choose a gown that needs a temple build up, we have laces and fabrics to match our bridal gowns.  Unfortunately we are so busy with our own gowns we do not do outside alterations.
Be realistic about your budget.  Be honest.  It is so much easier if we are all honest.  We find brides have an easier time selecting the gown if they try on in their price range.  As with cars, budget models don’t have GPS, heated seats, and remote starts.  Wedding gowns also have prices associated with quality of fabric and fabrication.  There are products which are sold cheap at stores like Walmart.  They spend more on advertising than the items they sell, and for many goods that is great.  However, a future your future family heirloom is most likely a different story. Let’s find her beautiful gown!
Trust your daughter.  As an adult, there are many decisions to be made, trust she is smart and can weigh pros and cons.  Give her the tools she needs to allow her to succeed.  I have always felt my most important job was to be a cheerleader, and I am guessing you feel the same way.  So be confident, we are cheer leading her as well
Trust Margene’s Bridal.  For those mothers who are far away and get phone camera pictures or Face Time, know that we are doing our best to help your precious girl.  It is difficult to see details and nuances of the gowns.  Listen to your daughter’s voice.  You cannot always see what we are seeing in person. If she is calling you, it is because she has found her dress. We know it is hard and you want to share the moment!  Parents’ lives, everywhere, are happy, when their children are happy!  Let us help you, from a mom to a mom.
Best wishes and congrats,
Joni Hansen Oakey
Owner | Margene’s Bridal